An I.S.O. 9001 : 2015 Certified
Run By Adarsh Bharti Shikshan Samiti, Kirodimal Nagar
(हिंदी एवं अंग्रेजी माध्यम)

      Message From The Principal
SHARING AN INNOVATIVE IDEAS :- Stagnation is detrimental to growth or progress so experimentation in the school is essential. Exploring new methods, trying out of beat ways to keep stagnation at bay and making the classroom more educative and informative the teacher has to pay the lead role of not only a motivator but should have novel ideas up his/her sleeve which will make her different. Dramatization of situations and characters is history will have a major impact on students mind the script could be made by some students, one could be director and others could be actors in their own respective field. While some can be narrators and thus history comes alive in the classroom.
TEACHING ETHICS AND CLASSROOM APPROACH:- It has been reiterated time and again that text can be great tool to enhance general knowledge and awareness as well as serve as content building for different subjects. It is not the curriculum alone that should be the teachers concern but equally important and the burning issues that need to be addressed are peer pressure management stress management techniques and adolescent issues. All these with value inculcation should be our concern. So teachers should be adequately equipped to educate students. Teacher training should be an ongoing activity and the all gaps must be bridged teachers should be counsellors, guides and friends to students. So a major change is required in our training system to enable teachers to handle the current day techno-savvy ad descents to show them right path and analysis are really an innovative and different methods to assess the child’s understanding and his strength and attention seeking areas. Institution can identify and monitor individuals a definite improvement in the school’s overall academic performance.
THE PURPOSE AND LOGIC BEHIND APPLICATIONS:- A value is a quality that we should empower our pupil to cherish, internalize and bring into their through. Naturally do not accept advice or guidance unless it is logically and intellectually convincing. Concepts are pondered briefly explains the purpose and logic behind selecting the values dealt with in the text; which deals why a particular values are chosen for? What the teachers/parents have to keep in mind while teaching and making them trained for? How the students could gain from exposures to the values. In short which helps to contract the overall frame work within which the teachers/parents could work to ensure the most effective use of this concepts. It helps to keep in mind for conveying the logic and purpose of a value is important is the necessity to keep the class a fun filled, participatory and absorbing one. Logical explanation to the value completing the portions.
Satish Kumar Pandey (Principal)